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I'm Maria, the person behind the MULHER

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The innate movement is the first step, the one that takes so much time.

I studied education, a subject that I am passionate about, I followed another path, out of convenience. When I found myself increasingly dissatisfied and unhappy at what I was doing, I realized that the comfort zone can never serve as my home. The movement of the step, the walk, is one of the innate abilities with which we come to the world, we were not made to stand still, in what we have already learned. The distance between what satisfies us and what no longer drives us is tiny.

I needed to rediscover something that filled me with fear and ecstasy. Something I had always liked. Along with education, which I discovered I loved so much after becoming a mother, there is photography. I remember the fascination with the cameras that I had at home since I was a little girl.

Now, upon rediscovering this love, it was easy to realize that there was no way not to combine the two, photography and people. The return I felt as an educator, for the love of the children and families I worked with, I also feel when photographing people and their love.

I realize now that I need to do something that keeps me constantly moving and learning. That forces me to overcome and evolve, not taking anything for granted.

The innate movement is here, the courage to lift your foot off the ground when you are unbalanced, to move your body, to fall and repeat everything until you move on to the next lesson.

It will be an honor to record the simplest and also the most important moments in your life!

I am Maria, I am Mother, Daughter and Sister, I am Friend and Girlfriend. I am, first and foremost, a Woman. I am a woman of soul and heart, I am sensitivity, determination and care. And, this is how I present myself professionally, to everyone I have the happiness of crossing paths with, as a M U L H E R.

I'm a Portugal Wedding Photographer, based in the Lisbon area, however one of my passions is travelling, I am available to reach you!



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My Approach

My work is an expression of what I am most passionate about: storytelling, naturalness and human interaction. I see beauty in all forms.

Do you feel the same?

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Ricardo Catarro
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They are my backbone, one of my constant sources of happiness.

Ricardo Catarro

Gé, Zé e Xavier

Guadalupe e Kauã

We are a reflection of the people around us. I am proud and honored to have these, among others, amazing creatures as part of my life.

My Mentor and Life Partner

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My Kids and Loves of Life

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All relationships are based on trust & common values

it's crucial that we connect and see beauty in the same things. we will have a call or meeting before signing any contracts.

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